My Testimony -11-11-07-

My journey started here by being invited to Hannah’s Baptism back in May 2006, before that day I was a very angry person and having quiet a difficult time at work leading to arguments with management. I had a lot of hate and anger built up inside. After the Baptism that Sunday on the way home, I got talking to Hannah’s friends about Christianity, I decided then to continue coming to the Church, there must be a reason why 200 people come to church filled with joy and now what I would know as the Holy Spirit.


I continued coming to Church and things started to change, a lot of the hurt and hate within me started to clear, as from this I give my life to Jesus on 1st October 2006, this was after a very strange walk home from the Train Station. I was walking my normal way home down Queen’s Road when I hit a ‘wall’ and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said ‘change direction’ so I did and started walking up London St, walking straight past the Church Office, the Holy Spirit stopped me again and said ‘change direction’, I took this as a sign to go into the Church Office where there happened to be a prayer meeting. I couldn’t deny it any more and at my very first prayer meeting a give my life to Jesus.


Since that day things haven’t been easy, with continuing problems at work, Scott has mentioned this story before, I was unhappy at work and started applying for new jobs and got offered one in Stevenage, Meaning I would have to move, but God told me to stay here and wait a better job will arrive, and sure enough two days later I was offered my current job in Feltham, meaning that I could stay in Reading.


The biggest test of my faith only happened about 11 weeks ago when my father got taken to Hospital suddenly after suffering a Stroke, it was a very difficult time and I prayed more than I ever thought I could or would! But unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be and my father passed away four days later. It was a difficult time and being away from the Church and the friends that I had made, I really wanted to get drunk and go back to my old ways but it was because of Jesus that I have pulled through and stayed strong.


I would just like to finish by saying to visitors and non-Christians here today. Don’t try and resolve your sin before giving your Life to Jesus, it doesn’t work (I’ve tried). Don’t block out Jesus, Welcome him into your life and ask him to pay for your sins, help you with the problems at work, issues at home and in life, ask him for strength when needed. Jesus will provide.


The reasoning for getting Baptised today is that in the Bible it stated Repent and be Baptised, I Repented last October and yes it has been over a year to get to this day, but after my fathers passing my strength and faith in Jesus has reached new levels and I am now wanting to take this step of obedience in my Christian Life, and seeing where God takes me.



Welcome to my new site.

I will be configuring this over the next few weeks and are looking to start blogging things in life.